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Congrats real men


I would like to congratulate those husbands that in the daylight are the man. The to to guy. The mana man! And once home can suck cock better than any women. That can take it up the ass as your loving wife smiles and watches. That can jerk off watching another guy fucking his wife knowing he will never feel her pussy again. Congrats men!



Dumb post with lots of homosexual innuendos. You must have experience.


Lol. Not sure if he is being funny, or trying or thinks that’s what this is about.


Ha to anal-dumb post. Dude, it’s a porn jo site basically. If 10% of the posts are real I would be surprised. Stop acting like you have integrity! Scroll down, find a story you like and jerk off!

Married Dom

"The to to guy. The mana man! " You lost me. But if your real meaning was to insult the submissive men who have, not only accepted, but relish in their roles as betas, then I would suggest you look in the mirror. Personally, I find the fantasies of men who want to suck my cock and then jerk off while I fuck their wives to be sexually thrilling. I've actually enjoyed the real life thrill a few times. Now days, with wife gone cold, it is all fantasy. I hope to be in situation again where beta husband and beta wife take my sperm.


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