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I loved the fact that she was married to another man when I first started fucking her. Making her husband a cuckold gave my wood extra steel. In fact, she told me that he was sitting on front porch rocking in chair waiting for her to come home the first week when I shared her with a friend of mine. We two Italians double penetrated her pussy that night with a DVP. It was amazing. She was set free when she discovered her husband fucking her girlfriend. I took extreme advantage of that young mother. Blond, blue eyes, wide hips, slim waist, sweet as candy. I left my wife for her. I drugged her. I fucked her. I took her to swinger places and let other men fuck her. I fucked her ass. I let other men fuck her ass. And the only word she knew was "yes". I deeply miss that girl. Twenty Five years later she has become a traditional wife. At least I had the ride. I'd love to go round one more time. I confess, I'm an extreme and do not deserve my good life.



That's fucking hot Sorry, that it ended. For me I became a sissy cuckold when she told me that she was having sex with a friend because my tiny cock was pathetic and couldn't satisfy her anymore. She showed me his cock and the rest is history. Wonderful history.


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