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Slut girlfriend in germany


I have been with my Mexican-American student girlfriend for two years in Germany. of course we talked about our past life and our dreams with sincerity etc... She quietly goes to mass every Sunday, a nice girl even maybe too much. But this is not the reality!!! Before arriving in Germany, she often went out with a friend of her big brother, a black man, she saw him all the time between two relationships or even sometimes as a couple during student parties, she was his sex friend. When I discovered this secret story, my curiosity took precedence over my reason. I rummaged through her old samsung for all those messages and discovered that after only two months in Germany she was already the star of an Arab Akim from a town only half an hour from the university . That they shared a lot of nudes and she loves those talents in bed. She adored discovering anal pleasure with him and literally adored that big cock and that since his departure she had missed his penis!!!



These last messages are from November 2020 which corresponds to a month after our meeting and in January 2021 we were a couple I would not have thought that she could be like that!!! And that excites me and I want to know more about these stories and her slutty side intrigues me!! I think of the cuckold but I don't dare speak to him about it.

Married Dom

You lost me. But I think what you are trying to say is that your girlfriend appears to be a good church going girl on the surface but has a secret slut life on the side. Trust me, all women have a side they show to the world and a deep dark secret whore on the inside. But the whore only comes out to play for about ten years. Between child bearing and menopause. About 35 to 45. Enjoy it while you can boys.