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Under lock pt2


In the past year she has asked me to keep the cage on more and more. We are to the pot now, I’m in it 24/7. My wife now keep me locked and only to come off, to satisfy her, I’m never allowed to jack off or be without it. How it all started. From our first week together we were into porn. I loved a woman willing to watch it with me. And of course I pulled up on the internet what I liked more and more. MFM porn, husband sharing his wife, femdom, and cuckold. I told her how beautiful she would look with another man. I did this over and over, building her confidence and getting her used to it. I did it to the point that she would stay it during sex, when we would go out she would bring it up. I was so turned on by it, I’d climax several times during sex, and she would start asking for some of the things we see in the movies. She’ll asked me to go down on her after sex, or kiss me after I cum in her mouth. Telling me it’s her bulls cum and this is all I’m good for.



Once we start this there is no way back i loved my nymphomanic gf and went like this with her also. She was always horny and we would often go away on weekends and let her loose at night and she would have a lot of sex both with me and other guys and loved the thrill of outdoor sex. I loved kissing her after blowjobs no matter whos cum was in her mouth or in her vagina. She asked me one night would i suck another mans cock for her and i said i would she was thrilled and tbh i wanted it to. Fast forward i became a total cuckold sissy who loves cock as much as she does and she loves seeing men fuck me as much as i enjoy a man inside me. It works for us and the small group of people we are involved with and we are all similar in our love of outdoor sex and being voyeured by others

Married Dom

OMG - I've had the pleasure of running into cock loving couples, outdoors, at Hedo a couple of times. WONDERFUL!