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jealousy and misunderstanding.


My girlfriend discovered porn especially the favorites with Katie Kox: A beautiful blonde woman, blue eyes and big breasts. my brunette wife, black eyes and normal chest!! At first, she was jealous of the physique. But very quickly she exposed her misunderstanding of the many videos of Katie Kox cuckolding with many black men. She asked me if I fantasized about this practice and of course yes, a little! She insulted me like a weird pervert that it's weird and immoral!! She reverted to Katie Kox physique I prefer another lustful woman!! I explained to her that she is only an actress, she left furious that I preferred this stupid cow to my wife. Then she asked me if she got fucked by black guys I would like her more??? That she has to cheat on me for me to like her?? and we're done arguing.



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I had to look up Katie Kox. Cute stage name for a porn actress, Kox. And I did not delve very deeply into Ms. Kox story but it based on 10 seconds of research it appears her specialty is inter-racial, not cuckolding. Shame. I much prefer the brain fuck of a cheating wife. But you might want to let your girlfriend know that "bad" girls are a lot more fun than "good" girls.


Katie Kox is superb, but she is above all a specialist in black cocks, she presents herself as queens of spades and therefore cuckold hotwife With her actor husband also in cuckold videos. Armand I think you like this style of woman and you want your wife to be a black whore


My wife patterned our cuckolding relationship after Katie Kox. It helps that there is a strong resemblance going on too. Sounds like your girlfriend is pissed and not turned on. Best to cool it a bit till the time is right


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