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Rôle sevond


first role at the family level and second marital role. This is the contract between my wife and me!! All this happened with perpetual rules, discussions and an agreement between us since the choice to be cuckold and hotwife. Her lover is not entitled to anal sex which is now reserved for me and creampie of course and forbidden to be in public to disrupt our lives. As for me, I no longer have the right to have sex unless we decide to have our second child. When Madam wants it, I have the right to sex anl, and of course the preliminaries, the rest is forbidden!!! No cage but a testicle ring for our relationships. We've been living like this for 8 months but Madame is starting to find everything dangerous!!. who lives the same thing???


Married Dom

Sounds like an untrusting business arrangement. In addition to the rules governing each of your behaviors, does money pass between you as well?