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She gave in and now I’m locked in

Under lock

After my divorce I was out, and like all others, running wiled with the women. But now, I’m deeply in love with the woman of my dreams. She is everything I ever dreamed of, young blond, and giving. One day we were on the net viewing so low budget porn. We were getting ready I was hard and she was wet with some MFM action, it was hot. We were at it for hours. Talking dirty to each other, about sharing her with another man. The things we did that night were amazing. Fast forward one year. I’m on the couch in a steel chastity cage and she is out of town. I’ve been locked up now for over a week, all along she is out with her girls. One night that turned into a week now. She will send me a text or a picture of the guns she is having. I love my new life as a Chuck.



Is is the smallest overview of my new life as Chuck. Let me know is your interested and I’ll tell you more.


Maybe if your cage breaks it can turn you into Ground Chuck

Married Dom

I have been to Hedo well over 50 times. I have also been to multiple swinger clubs. Egad but I wish my wife was the same girl she was way back then. Anyway, point is, I seen a handful (maybe 2) men with cock piercings that were (in my mind) horrific, but I never saw a man in a cock cage. I do NOT believe that any woman would get excited by a man in a cock cage. Quite to opposite. I think almost all women would more enjoy the man whose cock was hanging and swaying free. I think cock cage is the thrill of the submissive man, and not his wife.


Sounds made up with very little effort put into it.


Guns!??? Oh shit! What kind of guns? Congratulations on your new life as a Chuck...I'm guessing they call you Charlie now?