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Aware but want more


My gf is aware of my desires, but she is too monogamous to go through with anything. I was her first and only, but I dream of her getting fucked in every possible way by any man who wants her. She allows me to use her pics as profile pics back when the chat was up, and I slowly turned her from a girl only I had seen naked/in sexual ways to so many men having seen her in only a bra, lingerie, and having seen her barely censored tits. I wish I could expose her bare tits and pussy and jerk to the thought of everyone who wants her jerking too



Don't give up. Keep going slow. You are making progress.

Married Dom

Women are not naturally monogamous. Humans are not naturally monogamous. This whole ownership of another person came into play with the advent of agriculture because with agriculture became the ownership of land, crops, cattle and the need to know the fathership of sons to work and inherit the land. For 490,000 years before agriculture humans like the Tahitian Islanders of old. Very, very promiscuous. So your gf has the genetic predisposition for promiscuity but not the culture. You have got to fix the cultural pollution.


Take the time and take baby steps. Even small movement is still movement. You're ahead of many men here already.