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Unaware cuckold


I was so unfulfilling of my wife’s needs that she was forced to start a twenty year affair with a family acquaintance, for half of our forty year marriage. I only just found out last year.


Married Dom

A woman can have many needs. Financial support. Adoration by the mobs. A steady and reliable home. To bear children. To feel fit and strong. To be an educator. To be the leader of her clan. Or, to be the the subservient giver to her clan. The list is endless. She stayed with you 40 years then you definitely gave her some of the things she needed. My guess is that her 20 year affair gave her the feelings of youth and attractiveness that she needed. Those are two things that no long term husband can give because they are opposites of what a husband is. Have you never heard of a middle aged man having an affair with a 19 year girl just to try to get his youth back? Same thing.


Thank you for your thoughtful and caring words.