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Cuked again


My wife went on a cruise to the Bahamas, she laid down on a beach and a black young man walked by and asked her to take her into the water and make her feel really good. My wife looked at her girlfriend next to her and said yes. He took her into the ocean and kissed her passionately while feeling her up all over, my wife was so worked up that she went with him to her hotel room and they had sex for hours



Cucked again

Married Dom

Don't forget to leave a tip. These hotel and resort workers do not perform for horny American wives for free you know. And, having been to Jamaica many times, and seen the incredibly athletic young men they hire there, I do not blame your wife. The young ladies are also BEAUTIFUL. And both are for hire. And though neither wife nor I ever did hire one, we know those who did. Endless power. Next time ask wife to ask girlfriend to come along and take pictures. That would be a memory for old age!


she didnt cuck u,she cheated. Pretty shit trick