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I want to have someone look at my wife's dirty pics as he pulls me down to suck on him. i will so embarrassing to give a blowjob as he uses my mouth like my wifes pussy.



Fuck I’d love that too. With him saying how she’d love his cock

Married Dom

If you are in the woods at night, then he will not be able to see her traditional paper back pictures. If the pics are on a phone then that will take up a lot of the moment as he has to fumble with the machinery. I think a better situation is if your wife is standing next to him, letting him touch her with his hands, while he and she watch you use your mouth like it was her pussy. Maybe the two of them will even say it out loud... "fuck his mouth like you would my pussy..."


this happened to me several times


Meeting guys and handing them my phone to browse the pics while i suck them is something i enjoy and a few times when they have seen the pics of me as a sissy iv been asked to meet with them again dressed and iv ended up getting my ass fucked both in the car and outside which is a big turn on for me. Knowing that a guy wants to fuck me as my girly pics has made him horny enough to try a sissy and having him cum in me is hot.