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Even though my wife cucks me often I find guys to suck regular...I love the feeling I get when they cum..I hold their cum in my mouth for a minute to savor the taste. Some days I will suck more than 1 guy. I just jack off when I swallow their cum. I think if my wife ever leaves me I will probably have a gay relationship



Gay not cuck


I believe I said I'm a cuck now but if my wife was to leave me then I would have a gay relationship...I don't like getting fucked in the ass but feels good to have the head in my ass and him cum in me too


There is nothing wrong with your desires. Many former cuckolds start off as devoted husbands but then changes over time to be one of submission to another male. Good luck on this and I hope you learn to enjoy a cock fucking your asshole regularly.

Married Dom

Submissive married men are absolutely natural cuckolds. I mean, what kind of woman marries a submissive man? Answer is a dominant woman. And a dominant woman is not going to be told she only gets to fuck one guy. A dominant woman is going to fuck whoever she pleases. Thus a dominant woman will seek out and marry a submissive guy because it means she gets all the benefits of marriage and has a submissive husband who will accept that she does what she wants. Now on the other hand, it is natural for a submissive husband to end up serving cock. He is submissive, he gets his kicks out of being submissive, his dominant wife already fucks other men, and no other dominant women will want him cause he is already married and thus useless to them. So what better way to get your submissive needs out of the way than to serve a dominant man. Actually, everybody wins.


You sucking random guys off who are not fucking your wife? Yeah that is just gay.

Sissy Boi

My wife has cucked me for years, now I suck cock. I also enjoy cum. Wife is aware and it was her that encouraged me to suck her first boyfriend. She created a monster lol. We have moved away from the traditional husband/wife mode over the years.