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GF humiliated me with her friends


Yesterday my GF invited at home her 2 best female Friends. She started talking about sex. What are my sizes, how often we do that Well, She also told em i dont last enough to satisfy her... now all her friends know i'm not the alpha i look like


Married Dom

Sounds to me like you get off on humiliation. That is very common on this message board. Tell us, what else would you like your wife to do or say that would further your exhilarating humiliation?


Fuck that cunt abd her friends. Next family dinner tell all her family about all the crazy shit she likes to do in bed.


My wife told three of her girlfriends that I had a tiny dick, and that sex with me was very unsatisfying. She further told them we no longer have sex, because sex with me is pointless. She finally told them that the last time we had sex, she couldn’t even feel me. It was embarrassing to see all three of them at a get together the following month. At a more recent party, one of them began to make references about bigger cocks, then looked at me and laughed uncontrollably. It’s both humiliating and exciting at the same time.