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The black dildo


My wife and I were having sex when she mentioned that she wanted be to buy a big dildo to fuck her with. That she wanted to make me watch her fuck it. I showed her a white one and a black one ..she chose the black one..it comes in today..should I be worried this will ruin her ?



What do you mean by ruin her?


This is your wife’s way of telling you what she is fantasizing about. Help her enjoy her big black cock a few times and then start telling her how exciting it would be for you to know she was being seduced by a black man. See if she already knows a black man she has been dreaming about. But be prepared, if she gives herself to a big black cock it may change both of your lives. My wife was seduced by her black boss and through out the rest of our long marriage she just has not been able to resist other men, both black and white.


Like ruin her in the since that she doesn’t enjoy our sex life ..like my cock vs the size of the black dildo. I just wanna see her happy and given what she wants

Married Dom

Quite the opposite Mike. You and your plastic friend are now going to find more ways to satisfy Mrs. Mike. I bought my wife a Sybian and took the machine to Hedo with me. Many women rode it. And now, because the Sybian was my idea, my wife gives me credit for satisfying her, and the many others at H2. I am now MORE studly. You will be too if you take Mr. Black Dildo as your own.


Yes Mike the moment she puts something bigger in her, you will never fit again, that's how vaginas work