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A blooming fantasy

Brian D

Last summer, despite my opinion, my wife wore a skimpy bikini to a company party. The owner of my company hosted the party at his house and his 20 year old entitled son wouldn’t keep his eyes off her. When I would catch him he’d smile at me and go right back to ogling her. Months later at our holiday party he leered at her again but this time asked her to dance with him. He was sneaking drinks all night and my wife found it brazen and charming. They danced, a little closer and longer than I expected. My sin is that in the intervening months I have begun to fantasize about him sleeping with my wife. I have gone so far as to tell my wife stories about him that I know she’ll like but that I pretend to be offended by. I have also made note of the clubs he frequent visits so perhaps soon I can send my wife there alone or with girlfriends in the hopes they run into each other “organically”.



Just talk to her and let her know its open season for the bosses son.


Hopefully she finds the idea hot and that he will have a strong cock to give her and give her the sex she had when she was his age. Maybe if she goes to a club that he is at he will be with friends who are all eager to have her and she will end up with a few virile cocks to enjoy


I wanted my wife to do a thong bikini in Miami but she chickened out


Maybe you should invite him over for dinner and drinks

Married Dom

Our experience with young privileged men is that they cum and then they go leaving the wife wondering if she did something wrong. Maybe she would be good with cum and go. Maybe that is exactly her fantasy. But if she has a little bit of romance in her swooning mind, then might want to go another way. JMHO

Brian D

I guess my personal sex drive is dwindling, or like we’re at that too familiar part of our marriage that this young stud pilling attention on her is attractive. I know by me telling her stories about him being “commanding” “brash” “aggressive” will only deepen her obvious crush but I am pretty sure the train has already left the station. JMHO, you might be right. Maybe he will use her and leave, I hope not (?) but time will tell.


Wait, I’m confused about the timeline…what’s your plan lol


If he just uses her and leaves that would not be the worse thing - stops any romantic notions and worries about stying with him. Good luck and I hope your wish comes true