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I sent her to him


I knew he was her type and that she is every guys type. I knew that by letting her go to the party she would get drunk and that he would flirt with her non stop. I knew that by the end of the night dancing wouldn’t be enough for either of them. I knew, given his reputation, that he’d take her to his room and that he’d undress her. I knew she’d be his until the morning. I knew all of it and I let it happen.



Dylan, How did that make you feel?

Married Dom

Not only does it sound to me like you knew it would happen, it also sounds like both he and she also knew it would happen. Which means everyone knows what is up. She is promiscuous woman who fucks on any excuse. He is a man not afraid of you in any way. And you are a willing cuckold, who completely understands the nature of your wife. Everyone is happy.


FH, it was a mix of feelings. It was humiliating but freeing, exciting and heartbreaking. I felt like it was inevitable from the first time they met, perhaps I shouldn’t have introduced them but then again I suppose I also really enjoy thus.


Knowing what is going to happen is the excitment thinking about what stage they are at as the time passes and when he has her naked and the point that he has his orgasm flooding her vagina with his semen is a huge turn on the normal feelings of excitment we have as cuckolds when we are not present to watch


Paul, you’re so right about that excitement thinking about what they are doing while you’re waiting at home.


Exciting that you’re wife fucks This guy without you there


Dylan, Your reaction is completely normal and natural to feel angst of becoming a cuckold, even the prospect of becoming a cuckold.

 Cuckolding is perfectly normal. Enjoy and relish in each tiny step of the lust vs fear you feel. Love her for discovering her sexual self. Let her happiness and her complete sexual satisfaction be your guide.


Hey, yeah all these comments are pretty accurate. He’s not afraid of me, I was willing in part because I am afraid of him and I absolutely couldn’t keep myself from wondering what they were doing each minute of that night. And, FH, I do take solace in her happiness; my occasional torment is not a result of her actions but my own inaction and his continued disregard for my presence.


That’s a totally valid response to the situation. It’s like the basic response to this style of life. Did she not talk to you that night? Who is this guy to you and her? Why are you afraid of him?