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Never been happier


Wife and I would sex talk about cucking me for years. About two years ago, she cucked me for the 1st time with a much younger man. In our martial bed. She continued talking to him but they never hooked up again. About 6 months ago, she started fucking a coworker on a regular basis (2-5 times per month). This guy really fucks her right. She loves that he can cum inside her 3-5 times per session. It's crazy how many times he can cum. She also loves the taste of his cum, but mostly only swallows him when she meets him after work to give him a bj in his car. He knows I am cuck but is not into me being in the room. He has come over and fucked her several times while I have been home but in my office. One time, she made me make them lunch and they came home during their lunch hour and fucked. He came in her twice and both times she came to my office and made me lick her clean. I have never been happier in my life.



We have a very similar story. My wife's first bull was one of her coworkers. He was fucking her 3 or 4 nights a week but always at his place because they didn't want me watching. That was torture! After about 6 months he started dropping by our house in the evenings to fuck her. I still wasn't allowed to watch but at least I could hear them going at it. My wife would emerge from the bedroom everytime he came to feed me by squatting over my face as I laid on my back. Eventually it progressed to me serving them snacks and drinks in bed. It was very hot seeing my naked and well fucked wife cuddling in the arms of another man! Sometimes she would make me suck him hard so they could fuck again and I hated submitting to him but always did in the hopes I could watch them. He even came in my mouth several times just to humiliate me. Sadly I was never allowed to watch him fuck her.


I wrote this confession. (replying to prior message) Even though I don't get to see them fucking in person, it's our rule that she always has to take videos. Her coworker does not feel comfortable with a camera on a tripod recording everything, but she is able to get videos and photos on her phone. I have a lot of jerking off material (6 months worth of material!). He's slowly getting use to the idea of me being the cuck, and had even taken shots of him cumming on her wedding ring and even giving me the finger while she is on her knees sucking him off in a hotel. I think I get off the hardest on videos where she just making out with him. I wish he'd be into to ordering me to suck him off or bring them drinks and food while in our bed. Hopefully some day.