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My wife has a fetish for black men but won't admit it. She's quite kinky but she let's social pressures cap her wildness. I'd like to take her to a swingers party. Get her drunk and wild with some dancing. I don't want to have sex with other women but I keep thinking about leaving for a few minutes after she's really loose. Come back to see her with a black cock in her mouth and another balls deep inside of her. Watch her get tossed back and forth by bbc and then she swallows their cum like a good little slut. Then her and I go for a round



Very hot fantasy! Id love the same! My biggest fantasy/goal is to help my 41yr old wife get addicted to bbc! Any who would like to chat about it can reach me by the same name on an app that starts with a 'k', and rhymes with dick


At most reputable swingers party getting really drunk is frowned upon.


My wife of over twenty years is addicted to BBC. Once she tried it she was hooked


I wish you guys the best of luck with your wives. Mine had her first BBC when she was 21 and hasn't been able to get enough since. She's 55 now and still throwers herself at every black guy she can.


My wife adores black men. We discovered this a few years ago, when she'd make comments if we passed a good-looking black guy. Finally, 5 years ago, she had her first black lover and is now 100% QoS when we travel. We don't play locally, only when we travel, so that she can be seen in public settings with her black lovers also. I'm lucky in that she always wants me there when they meet and then also when they move to the bed. We have a great life together.


My wife had black bfs when she was at school and said it was curiosity to start with. Some had cocks just average like me but some had large cocks she admits she enjoyed. She still has sex with bbc for her pleasure as she puts it she likes feeling filled.