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Gave her panties away


I was talking to a bull on reddit and after sharing pics of my gf he wanted to see her nudes, eventually I gave in to his demands and gave him her nudes as well. He kept asking for more until he asked for her used panties. I told him I couldn’t but then he offered to pay for the shipping and said he would post her pics all over and send them to her. I ended up sending him a few pairs but deleted my account because I freaked out when he showed me he had them. I’ve jerked to this memory so many times



Giving a dominant man leverage over you is such an intense turn on!


Ita good that you gave in to him. Did she ever miss her panties??


She has so many she never realizes the pair were gone. And yes letting such an alpha demand these things from me little by little asking for more and more just made me so horny everytime