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Best friend


I have a best friend named Steve.. we have been friends since 2 grade… his wife is Renee.. I started fucking Renee 2 weeks before she married my best friend Steve… that was six years ago… Steve has no idea I have been fucking his wife Renee… they have a 1 year old little boy… Renee and I did a dna test and I’m the father…we will never tell Steve the truth



Oh that's coming out when they have a bitter divorce

Married Dom

Since Renee cucks her husband, I am guessing Renee is dominate over him. And since Steve is your lifelong best friend, and since you fuck Steve's wife, I am guessing that you are dominate over Steve too. So, Steve is the submissive between the three of you. Submissive is submissive, and it is NOT the same as stupid. My guess is that Submissive Steve has things exactly the way he wants them.


Why would this get up votes? You are both horrible people to hide this and for health reasons the kid is going to need to be told at some point. This sounds like just a straight up cheating story and there is no submissive/dom aspect --- just straight up betrayal. Enjoy the drama as it will eventually arrive


I see nothing wrong with this scenario. Your friend has clearly not been the husband she wanted and you have been giving her what she has craved. Keep up the good work and I hope he thanks you one day


You are NOT his best friend. You are an ASSHOLE


I hope he divorces her, finds a woman that loves him and doesn’t cheat on him, she has to pay him alimony, and you have raise the kid you created together as a homewrecking asshole father who didn’t have the guts to go to his friend first to see if he wanted to share her.