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My big titted wife had been fucking our pastor for the last 6 months…we are 32 yo… pastor is 55 but has a big cock (8 inches) vs my 5 inches…he doesn’t know I know about them … I have happily eaten many cream pies from their play time



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i long you are happy it is ok


My friend Ben let’s his wife fuck others.. I have not done her… but Ben told me she has been fucking their Pastor for 2 years and his wife allows him to watch and clean her cum filled cunt… the pastors wife has no idea… Ben said the pastor is 7.5 inches and cums thick…

Married Dom

I am actually currently facing a opposite situation. You see, a pastor is a position of respect and dominance. So, when a wife gives in and fucks the pastor, she is actually in a submissive role. I currently have a female boss that wants to fuck me. I am not a submissive but she is the one in power. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.


I love counseling stories that end up in the sack.


Your pastor is only administering to his flock. You are truly blessed to be given his cum to eat.


So hot! I told my wife she should fuck the pastor while I nail the pastor's wife. So kinky