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Hotwife Homecoming

diving deep

my wife recently fully accepted the BBC hotwife cuckold arrangement and has been enjoying locking me up and only cumming with her bulls. She is in mexico for a ten day vacation and when I pick her up from the airport, we are going to a swingers party that night. That's already planned. Additionally, I am considering coordinating with her current favorite Bull to accompany me to the airport in the backseat so he can greet her when she returns and they can have an enjoyable homecoming as soon as she arrives and I drive us back to the hotel. They can play more there and then we'd be off to the party. I think it sounds like a great night and I wanna put the plan out there, just haven't pulled the trigger yet.



That sounds like a fun night for you three I'd be quite jealous if you did this cause it wasn't happening to me

Sissy Biy

Very thoughtful. You can watch them in the backseat together too. Hehe