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Made her drunk


My wife and I had a small party arranged in my house and we both invited few of our colleagues from work. The party was at evening and I begged my wife to wear something sexy and somehow she agreed. She wore a low neck top with a short skirt which was till her thighs. Seeing her in that dress made me precum and I was just waiting for the fun to begin. As the people entered, I saw the guys ogling at her cleavage and her thick thighs. I was having so much fun and decided I wanted to take it a bit further. I went to my wife and said to her that I needed her company to drink and gave her a drink which was spiked. After few minutes, she was almost laying down on the sofa with her legs closed. I sat beside her and made her legs spread and pulled the top up till her navel was visible. I noticed the guys were having so much fun and I couldn’t control myself from cumming even without touching my cock. But just in few minutes other girls came and took her to her bed.



Yeah that's great ...roofie your wife.....what's next do it again and let the guys rape her.....you are a piece of shit


You need to do this with just a couple of guys at the house. You Wigan’s more fun


Should have arranged an exhibit in the bedroom - undressing her and leaving door open


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