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Soccer moms


Our daughter joined a traveling soccer team for the first time. She met another girl and they became fast friends. I quickly became friends with her mom she & I talked about many things at the girl’s practices. Our sex lives soon became routine conversations too. She confide in me that her hubby had a small penis and I confessed that mine did too. She told me that one of the girls coaches was very well hung. The then asked if I’d like to see a picture of him. OMG she wasn’t lying he was hung. She said he was 10 inches at least. She told me she’d been his sex toy for two years and her hubby knew. She said she loved her husband but was hooked on coaches big cock and all the good sex they had. For weeks all I could think of was the coaches huge cock! I couldn’t stop. I asked her if she’d send me the picture she had. She smiled and said I might want this too and she took her phone and sent me a video.



Fantastic. More soccer moms should be open to sampling coaches.


So did this lead to FMF 3sum?