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It finally happened


Quick backstory. My wife has been aware for the better part of a decade. We had two times where she blew another guy since she became aware. But both had been years ago at this point. We still occasionally talked of sharing and what not. But nothing serious. And she was adamant that she didn’t want a random stranger. Well fast forward to last night. Had a friend come over. Like he had many times before to hang out and drink some beers or whatever. He had talked in the past how he had been involved in 3 somes and swaps and what not. I had kinda had in my mind during the day that maybe tonight I propose it. But hadn’t brought it up to her or him. So as the night progresses we are all getting a little tipsy. I suggest a round of shots. Well that’s what gave me the courage to start the fun. My wife never wears a bar. So she just had on a shirt. I walked up behind her and in one quick move pulled her shirt off. At first she was a little shocked like wait what is happening.



But then she was just like “so these are my tits”. We all talked about her tits for a minute then kinda just carried on talking and drinking and whatever with her topless. Then I took her pants off so she just had a thong on. Same thing kept talking and drinking. Then I dropped her thong to the floor. At this point it was getting rather late so she said “so what are we gonna do?” I said something along the lines of well we could all go in the bedroom and have some fun if we all want. And we all wanted to. So we went into the bedroom and we tag teamed her. Man she was awesome. The passion. The enjoyment of having 2 guys at once. I think we all had a great time. Hope to have him over again soon.


Cut down on the alcohol, just have thrsomes with your wife when you’re friend comes over


Awsome. Sounds very similar to what happened with My wife, me, and my best mate. He was our 3some buddy for the next 20 years so enjoy it while you can.


Take pictures of them fucking and show us in the main chat, so that you three can enjoy the thrill of losing control over them.


Alcohol is what makes these things happen Gives wives cover to be nasty.