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Baring my wife


I used to have a private office. I went to an online swingers site and invited local men to come to my office where I gave them control of my very pretty wife's naked pictures. I loved the way they ogled her, commented on her charms, told me how they would fuck her so good. They got hard, took out their cocks. I sucked their cocks as they looked at my naked wife and told me all the sexy things they were thinking about her. She never knew. I wanted every one of them to fuck her.


Married Dom

Ah! Suddenly I was reminded of a certain set of events of my youth. I was transferred from San Antonio to Houston where I was the sole occupant of a strip mall office where I ran a speciality operation with rent cars. Most of the day I did nothing but wait. A few doors down this very minor little building was a one man shop selling insurance. He was a fat pig of a elderly man but he had a very slender and sexy secretary. So, I got to talking with her. Not only was she sucking off the Fat Pig to keep her job, she was also dating two other guys who were room mates and thus she was fucking them both at the same time. What a wonderful slut she was and just the right kind of girl for me. So, you already know, every day when Fat Pig went to lunch, the secretary and I would fuck in her office bathroom. It was great. And, by the way, I think it is pretty common for submissive men to want to show pics of wife and suck cock.


Sounds like you just want to hook up with guys. Try a gay bar, that works also, plus drinks.