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I let my husband think that our first bull was 1st guy I fucked since we started dating


I fucked a guy recently after my husband asked me to be his hotwife. I acted dumb and pretended I had no idea what one was. In reality I've not really stopped fucking around since we started dating. We've been together 11 years and when I go on girls nights away from home I usually end up getting fucked. I probably only calmed down during covid but after clubs reopened I got back on it. Anyway he asked if I'd be hotwife and I said no he's only one for me but then agreed a while ago, last night out I pulled but instead of getting them to get hotel I got him to come home and told him my husband wants to watch. I messaged him saying I'm bringing a guy back and to get lube out. He was over the moon. When we got home I took him straight to bed and sucked him still dressed infront of my husband. He picked me up and flipped me on the bed and pulled my thong down to my ankles and slid straight in I was so wet. I had so much fun getting fucked infront of my husband & not hide it



That's awesome hun. I cheated for years before my husband caught on. Now he loves it when other guys fuck me and I don't have all the stress of trying to hide my activities.


Modern marriages are great


Modern marriages are becoming very exciting


@SubCheryl well I think I have probably fucked more guys (in total) since we got married than before we met because its all one offs. An update on our situation though, I asked him whilst riding him last night (always get what I want after his dicks wet) if he wants me on tinder to meet more guys, he said yes, then I asked if he wants me to fuck my ex (he had amazing skills but was a total dick) and he hesitated so I leant in and said I would let him fuck my ass right now, he looked shocked and so I reached over and got lube, lubed up my ass. I carried on riding him as I eased a couple of fingers in for a couple minutes. He had the most excitable stupid grin on him, I said you want my ex to fuck my brains out don't you? He nodded so I got off his cock and let him fuck my ass until he shot his load. I've already DM'd my ex thismorning asking if he wants a hookup.

Get the fuck out

Every time someone in here claim to be a wife or a female..i just follow statistics.. its rarely a woman..just a fagot husband. There is a few content sellers, thats it. This is the biggest dessert and there is no water or lakes here..its always a mirage.


You are a dream woman. I think you did amazing. Your husband is very lucky and I hope I meet a woman like you.

Married Dom

What makes it hard to believe is that Lauren calls her lovers "Bulls". But that term "Bull" is used by submissive men in their fantasy that other men are just hard cocks waiting to fuck. I am a dominant man and I have been with submissive couples and I am a real person and the submissive couples are real people. It takes a lot of chemistry to get three people together in such an intimate way. So Lauren, if you are really a girl who hooks with with strange men, and you are able to find men who are nothing but "Bulls" then good for you. If I met you, we would have to have at least 5 minutes of conversation first. :)


I don't know what part of the world you are in Married Dom but in my neck of the woods I refer to the male partners I have sex with as bulls regardless of them being a regular or one night stand. I'm very submissive but my husband certainly isn't. Your comment really doesn't hold much water.