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Think my black co-worker wants to fuck my GF


We both work together at a bar, everytime my GF comes into work he always checks her out infront of me, always looks at her ass. He always tells me how beautiful she in a nice way. Ive seen his cock by the urinals a couple time and he has a true BBC. On multiple occasions ive stroked my tiny white cock thinking of his BBC fucking my gf. Should I tell him about this or keep it secret? because i know he wants to bang her.



You should check out what your girl wants first and then you needs to understand your co-workers intentions by checking out .. like send some msg or photo .. and just say it was by mistake and see his reaction.. if things works as you wants then talk to him what you want.. hope you will able to see her opening her legs wide for him and he empty his balls deep in her womb.. all the best buddy.


Yes he wants to bang her. So talk to your wife first.


Ummm...maybe talk to her first dumbass


We need a thumbs up/dwn button.


Black men want to fuck every whiteboi's gf, the question is does your gf want his BBC? She probably does but just make sure, then you guys can be a cute modern cuckolding trio

Married Dom

So Mr. Tiny White Cock Bartender is checking out Mr. Big Black Cock at the urinals to which he admits fuels his masturbation fantasies and he claims to actually have a girlfriend that he has authority to share with his co-workers? That must be a hell of a nice girl!


It's a true fantasy for most little dick white men as myself to watch my wife with a hung black stud an I'm from the south an was raised to be racest


Speak to your GF first and see if she is interested - if yes than speak with him.