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Full face sooner or later


I think there comes a time when you really want to expose your wife with full face, despite not thinking so earlier on. For me I feel this time has almost come and I will start showing with face included.



Started headless. Then moved to showing head with face blocked out. Then partial face posts. Now have been posting her full face for the last few years. Not over posting like some guys do but if she gets posted it will be with face. Just progressed to this point

Married Dom

Remember, the newer AI Search Engines all have facial recognition. And it is easy to imagine someone inventing some software that puts the names on the license photo with the face on the porno page. And maybe the game will even include some kind of automated lookup. CMD: Go find every nude photo of a woman who lives in my zip code and display a list of their names and addresses


I also could not stop until posting my wife face. Started blurring faces but ended posting her full face and all type of photos, including wedding pics. Posted also in one porn site and has been reposted elsewhere. Has become a webslut that can be found easily by search engines, in the first page in image searches with common tags. Name, country,… allows detail search. Be sure how far you want to get. No coming back for me now.


I’d probably be more interested in fully showing in private, to a dom I trust. Two bulls that have caught my eye so far -as potential candidates- are OwnWives and Gimmi.


I also did this. At first it was cropped face and tattoos out . Then it was box face out, then it was blur face, then almost now I’m at the point of sharing almost full face. Guys love her smile and pussy.


We should be trying to normalize nudity, not making it more taboo. The more full face nudes out there the more difficult it will be to shame people.