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Tinder Wife


My wife has a tinder account and she fucks around a lot. Her shift is rotating every week, and whenever she goes outside its a girls night out. I followed her several times, but I love the fact that I married a horny slut. So I pretend to be the clueless husband. As long as she comes home, I don't care how many men she fucks.


Married Dom

No need to pretend. Let her know that you love her just the way she is. Enjoy it while you have it. I too married a horny slut but she has changed with age.


My wife just started talking to some guys on tinder with my encouragement. She is meeting up with two on different days coming up, one offered her a massage which she is agreeing to. I can only hope she doesn’t back out as she’s already getting cold feet. She has become hornier since tinder, offered to give me a blow job which she has never offered up before!