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Room for rent


That I let our lodger fuck my wife. He is a young black guy with 6'4 frame. I'm just 5'9ft and my wife is 5'1. She literally said, she wants to try him, being the good Samaritan I invited him for a threesome. He came to bed, its very large and got next to my wife and has said to her he never shares. Now it's been 3 months, I have not even got a blowjob or a handjob. He fucks her next to me everyday and she swallows his come. Yesterday I found morning after pills in his car. That was my only request, a condom must be worn. Appreantly they have broke the rules and my heart is torn. I just don't want to be laughed at.


Married Dom

Raise the rent.


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Just raise his kid like a good cuck


Ha ha


Might as well just be on your knees beside her.


get over your heartbreak and tell her that you saw the pill and that it isn't necessary, she shouldn't put her body through that strain, you are happy to be the dad for any result of her having fun, and accept you are her cuck now