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My strongest orgasm


I was laying in my wives lap, jerking off slowly my cock that was sticking through the zipper. I stopped or slowed down occasionally while my fully dressed wife had pulled up my shirt and played and pinched my nipples while she talked... Talked about how she had been lifted up on and fucked senseless by her lover earlier that day while I was at a bathing pool center with the kids. She had massaged him, then kissed, then he tried to fuck her standing up, pinning her to the wall without touching the floor, but it had hurt, so she lubed them both with baby oil and then... Heaven. He came inside her after three of her loud orgasms. I begged her to jerk or suck me over the edge, and she just said... If you want to cum at all, you should hurry! 10...9...8 My clothes got all sticky, I had no chance to undress first!


Married Dom

Astronaut Training - Count down to the blast off. Great work wife!


We are fag dads but we can’t help it.