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2nd shift cuck 2

2nd shift cuck

If you read my last nights confession you will know who came over again. So my wife when I left was already in one of her nighties without a bra or panties under. She had me eat her out before i left making her nice and wet for her bull. I could taste that she wanted him so badly already and I did not have to wait long. In half an hour she greeted the the man by the door and I will post some updates in the comments. All I know is that he loved how hot this is and I am doing more reaserch as well on where I can go from here.


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Obviously we need to get his wife involved to end the sneaking around. Then we need to give him some closet space, the spare room, a key to the house, and make your wife available to him on demand. No call. No date. He just shows up and fucks her whenever he wants.

2nd shift cuck

So this is the first update for my wife and her bull. He took her to bed, and took her picture with her legs spread open and cum deep inside of her. She was smiling in the picture. He took her out to dinner and I can assume they are still there now. They also know I am on third shift so I will not be home until early morning. If he wants he more than likely can sleep with her as well.

2nd shift cuck

Second update: The bull is not going to be spending the night with my wife and we were talking about what will be happening to me soon enough. Lets just say I was very distracted at work as well. I have been in a fog most of the day as to what was being suggested, and yes, the bull has been texting me with her in a group text.


Hot I’m hard feels so faggy good when you aren’t there and can’t stop anything it hurts bad and we are fagg it’s for letting happen but we need it because we are fag wimp cuck hubbies with small clits. We deserve the pain.