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In the end...


So my GF finally decides to "get interested" in this lifestyle and she more or less admits that this is all just for her to do light playing and such. I've taken this as a revelation that no matter what, she will never engage in this lifestyle, which sucks becuase now I feel this deep disappointment...not for my wife, but for myself for getting into such a scene. I love the idea, and the reason I'd want her to enjoy herself and have healthy sexually fun relationships. Maybe something that could evolve into a regular friendship. I've really set myself up for failure...Welp guess I'll just go back to reading this sorta stuff. I will still frequent the site (this lifestyle is ingrained into my fetishes unfortunately) to engage with the community. I appreciate you all and the various insights and advices I've been gifted.



You give up too quick

Married Dom

American women categorize their relationships. They have "girlfreinds" and they have "family". Of course, when the girl is single she has sex with her "boyfriend". But when the girl is married she transforms into a "wife" And then she becomes "mother". My point is your girl will fuck other men, just not with you around, because in her mind, she has become "wife". The way to get her to fuck other men is to make her "single" again.