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I have a very taboo sub kink. I am a sissy wannabe with a very slutty gf. 40 and 36. I am into really gross stuff. I am being honest..not made up..i have payed straight men for their old gym socks and boxers. I have been into this since i was very young. It makes me so fucking hard to smell another man. No one knows. Why is this such a huge taboo..guess thats part of me liking it.. I am sorry. I ask for forgiveness..



What a loser. You can have all my filth. Including my stinky gym clothes any day. Sounds like a nasty cuck!! I am dominant bull and bi. Just love pervs!!

Married Dom

I too love pervs. Somehow Doormat considers his perversion more taboo than a grown, hairy, fat, married man, wanting to wear panties. It is not. But I do wish you-all pervs would just hand over your wives and start sucking. But that is just me.


Worn panties since i was 15.. lol:)