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I found this site after seeing a nude of a girl I know with the site logo on it I was shocked to find out a close friend is a frequent user and I think it’s hot seeing him post her on here



Have you told them?


its hard to tell them about it now because we’ve interacted a few times

Married Dom

If I saw a girl I recognized on a site like this I would make a pass at her. And if she acted like she was insulted then I would tell her exactly why I did. If she did not know her husband had been posting pics of her, then it would cause problems for them.


So married dom, you are an ass then. I would talk to the hubby first and get permission to hit on his wife. I am not out to ruin any marriages, just get laid by an attractive married woman. But I guess that is just me. Your answer makes me immediately dislike you and discount any advice you give here. Sorry but just being honest