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Wife cucks me while I am on 2nd shift


I have been doing a lot of hours lately, got to love people sometimes and not having enough staff. So the topic had come up many times and it was pure fantasy. We recently talked about it a few weeks ago when I came home after having to work a double due to someone not showing up. She showed me her new dating profile. Quite a few guys where in her DMs and of all races. She wanted me to pick the guy that she would cuck me with first. Looking at the men that sent the dick picks I found a rather large one. I picked him out and they talked a little as I laid down to sleep. In the mid day around 11am, she came back and told me "He is coming after you leave and will be here filling my white pussy up with his black cock." A few hours later she sent me a picture of her pussy with cum inside of it. First of many times cuckie. was all she wrote. I can;t wait to go home.


2nd shift cuck

So she will be cucking me every day i am on second shift and has a multiple men interested in her as well. I have never been so turned on. She got 3 loads inside of her today from him and he is gone. She also came up with the idea of having me clean her out as part of the cuck ritual we will be doing until I get off second shift.


Super hot! Aren’t you worried about her getting diseases from random guys?

2nd shift cuck

I am but most of the more common ones can be treated as well. I also got stuck at work unfortunatly.

2nd shift cuck

When I got home the bedroom light was still on, highly unusual and another car was in the drive. I was thankful the door was locked as it was clear she did not want someone else to come in as well. I headed to the bedroom and the man was laying next to my wife. His cock was huge even when soft. Wife kissed him and pointed to her pussy. 'are you working second shift tomorrow." "And third." I blushed kneeling between her legs. I started to lick her pussy and the bull told me to strip down and wanted to see the little white thing that was between my legs as I did this. He laughed when he saw it and I was rock hard. He kissed her again and said "see you tomorrow that was hot." I went back to licking her and made her cum for who knows how many times. I think I just met one of her many soon to be long term lovers

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You sound very happy. And it sounds like your wife has found her nitch too. And from what you say, it sounds like a few other men have also found your wife's nitch. Enjoy it while it lasts!


Sounds hot mmm. Love to know how many guys she is seeing regularly and how many she wants to get in her stable. Once she has at least 12 then get them ALL to visit her at one time while u are at work. Then u can walk in on her having been totally ravaged by them all