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Wife me and friend..


My wife fucks my freind and we often sleep in same bed. It’s been 4 years now his wife is unaware with our situation. Nothing better then see them both fucking and loving so close in our bed.. sometime I join them, otherwise take her later with his cum.. he too like to watch us fucking after him and we never wants to change this. But now when we are planning for kids, we are so confused about how will we continue this while kids will be around in future.. Please help us with your suggestions… we don’t want to give up this arrangement.



If the kids see your friend and your wife together, it will be a natural thing. They are friends. Mom has a special friend. Dad is ok with mom having a special friend.

Married Dom

I disagree with Jack. Having kids changes everything. I'm afraid your play time will be over until they leave the house. You should rethink if you are really ready to bring children into the world right now.


They have these people called babysitters, they come in handy sometimes


Yes, you will have to arrange a few nights away on a short break and get your friend to join you.... (baby sitter) My wife and me had my best mate share our bed and much much more for 17 years. He did as much and poss more than i did with her. Awsome times.