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Setting up my wife worked


I was in touch with a bull Sm795 on here to try to meet my wife without her being in the loop. He knew there was no guarantee. I told him she would be at a club on Saturday and what time the event started. He didn't have to work hard. He lured her away from her friends pretty early and arranged to meet a bit later away from friends prying eyes. She met him at a bar closer to us and they weren't there long before he worked his charm and they were soon in a hotel and she worked him for a long time until he gave her his load. L and I had obviously already discussed if this happened what rules were and one was she had to take pics which Sm did for us and he did amazing. The pics she showed me were amazing and I can't thank him enough as she came home leaking his seed which she proudly showed me before sitting on my cock and (very quickly) taking my sterile cum in her saying she told him she told him to breed her as she showed me the pics he took of them.




Married Dom

Sounds like your wife is a very promiscuous women. Love It!


So just over a week since her first hookup and she had a tinder date, she also took a pregnancy test last night which was negative. To my surprise she was a bit dissapointed.