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I suck


I am really only interested in cock. Not a cuck..just a bi curious perv. Forgive me father.. I suck your dick if you let me in into heaven even if i sin.. if i go to hell at least the sex wll be interesting.. ..i ask for forgiveness..Amen. love you god!;)



Wrong forum.


You bastard


I’ve been feeling drawn towards cock lately too as a 49 year old male. I also love women and want to fuck all of them so… it’s confusing. I recently ended things with a hotwife situation… or maybe she ended it. Hard to say what happened. She disrespected me for a bull so I ended the relationship. Eight years with her.. I love her for sure. But exploring this lifestyle made me crave cock and creampies. Definitely some bi stuff going on but I prefer women by far. Now I’m dating a gorgeous 23 year old. When hotwife finds out she’s gonna go ballistic and be jealous and want to ditch her bull. She doesn’t really like him as a person, but he fucks her like a legend.


Thats how women are.. learn to deal with it. I have learned to like bratty cunts and entitled girls. Not into shy women. Rather have a bully dickhead.


It's okay most of the guys on here are really just gay and are just after cock for themselves

Married Dom

It is wonderful to have a person that is really, truely, deeply appreciative that I let them suck my cock. Most (but not all) females think that it should be the other way around. Certainly my wife has become the woman who tolerates (not loves) sex. She was not always that way. Anyway Judas, if I run across you late at night in Hedo, and you show appreciation, I'll let you suck me off. At least I get sucked off by somebody that way. Of course, if Mary, Jane, Beth or Cathy show a little enthusiasm then there may not be anything left for you. :)


I suck you off like a girl