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Selfish wife


My wife fucked a young guy and was meant to send me pictures and videos , I didn’t get any . We also agreed she wouldn’t swallow or do anal , she did both. Now she says she doesn’t want to do it again.



You definitely got cucked


Then stop


Well guess that ends that then


you should have licked her pussy and ass as a reward and told her how sexy she was cuck instead of arguing about it. no wonder she doesnt want to cuck you.


Its not easy to stop in the middle of sex or before and ask to record it. imagine fucking a girl for the first time and asking to record her naked etc. most women would be like ... wtf. its easier for a woman just to meet a guy and fuck him and tell you about it. as long as she lets you lick her after you should be grateful. if you turned into a whiney lil bitch about it you better apologize. do you want to be a cuckold or not? you should tell her how beautiful she looked going out and coming back and lick her pussy until she cums. so she thinks theres a hot sexy reward for being so kinky. not crying about her not doing certain things. you should have kissed her and tasted the cum and licked her ass and stuck your tongue in there since he loosened for you like a real man should.


Agree with las comment, I told my wife once "bring me some pics" and she answered: How do you imagine taking pics while his fucking me?! And I agreed it would be ridiculous and to be honest, her verbal stories about that fucks saw more then enough to make me rock hard to reclaim her used pussy