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Sharing with the Roomates


I Confess... I've been leaving little presents for the roomates. Leaving her nudes open, full screen on my laptop in the living room while I go to do other things. I know they've seen them by now and it's so hot to think that they know exactly what she looks like nude beneath her clothes every time she walks through the house. I keep doing it every now and then just to give them a taste, and a little tease. I wonder if they'll ask me if they can fuck her soon. I sure hope so. I've thought about blindfolding her, and letting one of them come in and take my place as a little "surprise", and finally.. I'll be cucked.



News flash. Let another guy come in....she will know. Women very quickly learn their partners smell, touch, the way they breath, etc. Then since she has not consented you and the roommate could face rape charges. So maybe take your head out if your ass and talk to her first.


Debbie Downer!


lol telling someone not to commit rape is good advice not being a debbie downer. thats not even hot dude being cucked is hot because your girl is being a nasty freak who wants to fuck your friends. itd be a lot hotter if your girl asked to suck your friends dick. tell her you wanna see her get boned next time youre eating her clam and she'll moan about it


When you leave her nudes for everyone to see its Candaulism, but when you want to blindfold her and let your friends use her secretly it's a rape. You know what happens in jail to little rapists?


Hey bunch of anonymice, where have you read that showing nudes of not consenting woman is more legal than non consensual sex? It's the degree of the act that changes, not the legality. You'll learn that women already feel raped when a burglar breaks in her home, even if nothing is robbed, just knowing a man broke in her intimacy. So what about intimate pics?! This fantasy is valid and you guys are no less sinners. Plus, this is a common fancy for ladies. G, try to know more about her fantasies. If she won't tell, tell her about yours. If, afterwards she's ok to fuck blindfolded, it will mean she shares your fantasy and then setting up a surprise might not end up in jail. As always, communication is the key.

Cuck buddy

Just a suggestion,try leaving photos of your buddy's nude or cock pics on laptop for her to see and become intrigued for.