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want my wife to be loved


I just really would enjoy if my wife wanted to get naked and have fun with another man. She can throw some dominating in if she wants but that would be up to her, well all of it would but I think im finally ready for her to be plunged into. Shes so sexy but not very alive in her sexuality. Please to the heavens, whether it be with another, or with me, may she be set sexually free! I'd ever rather her be free, than be in bonds of matrimony with me. I hope she will feel safe to let her inner slut out of prison. I hope she will accept my desire for her! Please message me if there are any wives who have gotten free in this or any other way, I would love some advise



That is us to a tee. My wife’s inner slut came out with a vengeance when she took on lovers. Now she fucks only them while I watch and am totally denied. I love that she does it "in my face".