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What should I do?


With ED issues, am I wrong to want my beautiful wife to continue to enjoy a strong and useful erection from other men instead of my disappointing limp excuse of an erection? What should I do?



I had ED issues as I am nearly 11 years older than my wife. So she took on 2 lovers at my insistence. Ironically I am now able to get erections and cum while watching them have incredibly intense sex, much more so than I was able to give her. It was difficult, almost painful at first to watch her with other men. I've even gotten to the point where I csn control my orgasm and cum at the same time they do as I imagine their semen spurting deep ibside her. It's been nearly 3 years now and I am happy tbat she is sexually satisfied and it's a win for me too.


Stop watching so much porn or get viagra. Those the the only two answers to ED


they have penis implants for that I had mine put in about 5 years ago it does the job . some positions are a little hard to do as I'm only about 6 inches. my wife fucks other guys and makes love to me it's been great I clean her pussy out for her . there is no humiliation involved outside of the cream pie which is what I like