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coworker exposure


Desperately want to expose my professional gf to her male coworkers. Way too dangerous to do, but I get so turned on thinking about it. Her sitting in a business meeting, and while she talks, her male coworker has his phone out under the table looking at pics of her pert tits, her wet pussy, her mouth full of cock, and staring at her knowing what a whore she is. I even have a person in mind I want to expose her to - this guy who's her peer, a couple years older, and is just kind of a casual misogynist. I want him to know exactly what she looks like getting fucked. I want him to send me texts telling me he zoned out in a meeting because he couldn't stop imagining cumming in her little pink mouth. I have his work email, but that's too stupid even for me. Worried that if I ever get his personal email I won't be able to stop myself.



I can guarantee you that his sitting at home, jerking his big cock looking at her facebook pics. Send him an email and ask him to go for a beer. Then pretend you are too drunk and show him the pics. It will be amazing


Just befriend him,chat etc and see how it goes and accidentally send a naughty pic


Have someone else email him and start it up .