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New experience

Maybe bi

I had an argument with my girlfriend last night. I sat in my lobby and downloaded grinder. Long story short, ended up in some guys apartment in my building. For the first time I blew a guy, he fucked me with my legs over his shoulders and then I came all over his chest. Since I’ve been at home I have cummed 5 times and want to go back for more. It was only 6 hours ago



Hot situation,go back and see will he fuck you again,do let us know.


Wear a condom on Grindr because some of those guys will fuck anything raw and dont care if they spread stuff


So a fw hours later.. how do you feel... remember it


You must have been thinking about it for a while. Guys don't just download Grindr because they had a fight with their gf.


Make sure you douche your ass out from now on before he fucks you. Use rubbers, enjoy. learn to be a good cock sucker too.