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Exposing Wife


I expose my wife on here hoping that peooke will contact me saying they know her, i get off on the idea of guys wanking to her pictures that know her and shes unaware !



It can be very exciting and even addictive


I feel the same way I love exposing my unaware wife to other men.


I get the same thrill. My sweet suburban PTA mom wife. I want her discretly recognized


I don't get the same pleasure... I'm afraid that if I do that I will hurt her in the future when she find out and know that it was me who have the access to those pics and vids. In short, I don't want to risk my relationship. Better play in real life rather than online. That way, I also build trust with her.

New World

Keep up the good work!


Yes that are so many of us here that love this and do the same with our wife hoping for the same thing


I did that by texting some guys that knew mine The one who was appliance repair guy referred to us by her brother I texted him like I was texting personal trainer for her saying no bikini pic but here’s nudes you said were ok He called me I said sorry he’s like don’t worry but she gorgeous An hour later my wife called me screaming yelling telling me she going to kill me I guess he texted her the pics said we need to talk she called him he told her he’ll show the pics to her brother and his wife unless they worked out a deal So he ended up banging her twice a week for months She loved it some weeks she went 4-5 times she said he had huge cock For about 6 months I only got sloppy seconds when she come home