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This is definitely different but I hope its not too off themed for this site..... I'm a bi male and my wife is aware. I've always been faithful to her though. So I confessed to her that I wanted to cuckold her. I told her that I wanted to be fucked by 2 men in front of her while she watched. To my surprise she was all for it and extremely turned on. So we ask 2 of my black gay friends to help us out and they agreed with no issues. My wife sat back in a chair with a dildo and watched me suck and get fucked by my 2 black friends. She came multiple times and said she was definitely interested in making this a regular thing. I asked her if she wanted to get fucked by a guy in front of me and she said no and that she was super into being the cuckold wife. She is absolutely amazing!!!!


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Amazing is a good word.