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Show my wife

I’ve shown her for a few years now. And I was pushed further and further by bulls. Now I even show her face. Guess it only takes time to reveal all of her in her most revealing and humiliating posit...


Wife and old friend


My wife has been hooking up with a black guy she use to live with. He is tearing her pussy up. I Jack off and watch



I’ve always had problems cleaning up after I cum, last night wife waited a few minutes, then made me worship her toes after some had ran down her legs, and made me lick up every single drop, I ended...


Friday night


My ex used to call me from time-to-time and always wanted to talk about her sex life with her new guy. The conversations got progressively more explicit and erotic. She treated me with what others her...


My wife and I stopped playing with our bull so we could start a family. Now she misses having one


My wife (27) and I (29) stopped playing with our bull so we could start a family. I was the one who always pushed for the cucking, and she would say she did it to make my happy and fulfill my desires....


My best friend has sex with my gf


My best friend had sex with my gf, and I only found out because he left a hicky on her neck. My friend knows about my cuckold fetish, but my current gf does not aside for some porn history she saw in...


Cheerleader fantasy

I've had a dream where my wife was a cheerleader in pigtails. Slutty outfit with thong panties. She waits in a football field when several men in uniforms come up. They whip their cocks out and she gi...


Alpha Beta

Married Dom

Recently read books have reinforced what I instinctively knew. "Sex at Dawn". "Atomic Dating" "A billion wicked thoughts" Women are sexually attracted to the dominant. Speak up. Say what you ...


Brother and Wife

This happened about 15 years ago. My wife had been shared occasionally, but not too much. I had told her we would be playing that night but did not tell her who the other guy would be. I gave her a fe...


Cum clean up


10 years ago we started role playing with her being my mistress… I remember the first time she had me Jack off unto her toes and made me lick her clean sucking on her big toe like it was a cock… n...


adult care


i walked in on my mom being fucked by black ordely at adult care center .i got wet an just watched an backed out didnt report any thing .am i trash


Wedding fun


My younger bro was getting married and we were in the church, his fiancée had invited her office Filipino friend to India as guest to attend the wedding. She was 24 yo dressed as one of the 2 bridesm...


Fiancée office


My blonde fiancée loves dressing nicely to office. She tells me that all the men try to flirt with her and do her favors. So one time I decided to surprise her by making a visit, when I reached the r...


Game night


I invite my friends few times to my place to watch game. Last week 4 of them came and we watched Football and had drinks. After about an hour my younger sister came into the living room, she was in he...



Yesterday I took my gf to a gloryhole and watched her such off 3 different guys who came in her mouth. She didn’t swallow it though and kissed me and made me swallow it.