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my new wife

I cannot stop fantasising about sharing her with other men, or watching while I'm locked in chastity as she gets gang banged by big cocks until they all cum inside her pussy and i eat it clean


Swapped with a friend

Last night me and a friend got talking and we ended up swapping nudes of our GFs. Needless to say his GF is as hot as I imagined she was and kinky as hell. Had a long wank over her last night.




We were at last year’s company Christmas party… my wife was dancing with my boss… I watched him hump on her… then lost them in the crowd… went looking and found them in a back hallway… she...


First experience

I love watching my wife get fucked, I was always into voyeurism but we had a friend over and I got so hard just watching them, listening to get moan, I want to double team her now


Want MFM w/ my Wife


I want to find another man to join us. My wife has expressed MFM as a fantasy, but she is to shy to make it real. I want nothing more than to see her fuck me and another guy.


JO in panties

I had to go to my daughters place to walk their dog while they were away. I went in her drawer and put on one of her thongs. I rubbed my cock until I came in the panties. I put them back in the drawer...




wife went to club elite in greenwood sc friday anjust now come home .smells like sweet an sex an cigarets.


Soccer moms 2

The video was other having sex. She was sucking on him and he fucked her hard doggy. She had multiple orgasm and she he came he shot huge loads. I was amazed and a lot envious. I asked who did the vid...


Soccer moms

Our daughter joined a traveling soccer team for the first time. She met another girl and they became fast friends. I quickly became friends with her mom she & I talked about many things at the girl’...


Bang my sister in law and mother in law.

I’ve always wanted to bang my sister in law and mother in law. They are so sexy.


It finally happened

Quick backstory. My wife has been aware for the better part of a decade. We had two times where she blew another guy since she became aware. But both had been years ago at this point. We still occasio...


gf exposed

I've been sharing my gf's nudes and xxx pics with face online for years. Tried reverse searching one of her pictures to see what comes up, and so many of those pics are there. I wonder how many of her...


I wouldn’t know

My wife and I were talking today about not keeping secrets from each other. She said she always knows where I’m at and it would be hard for me to cheat and keep it a secret. I said and with your job...


Bull Approached


A BBC Bull approached me and asked permission to approach my wife. I said yes! Is that crazy?


wifes ex

i asked wife to sleep with her ex, bbc. When she said no, I reached out to her ex via facebook and asked if he wanted to have fun with my wife/his ex