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In the end...

So my GF finally decides to "get interested" in this lifestyle and she more or less admits that this is all just for her to do light playing and such. I've taken this as a revelation that no matter wh...



I have a very taboo sub kink. I am a sissy wannabe with a very slutty gf. 40 and 36. I am into really gross stuff. I am being honest..not made up..i have payed straight men for their old gym socks and...




I found this site after seeing a nude of a girl I know with the site logo on it I was shocked to find out a close friend is a frequent user and I think it’s hot seeing him post her on here


Wife cucks me while I am on 2nd shift

I have been doing a lot of hours lately, got to love people sometimes and not having enough staff. So the topic had come up many times and it was pure fantasy. We recently talked about it a few weeks ...


Wife me and friend..


My wife fucks my freind and we often sleep in same bed. It’s been 4 years now his wife is unaware with our situation. Nothing better then see them both fucking and loving so close in our bed.. somet...


I want it

I want to be humiliated, came on, in front of my cum filled (by someone else) girlfriend. I want to submit to cock as well as being a cuck bitch <3 [email protected] if you want to contact me...


Setting up my wife worked


I was in touch with a bull Sm795 on here to try to meet my wife without her being in the loop. He knew there was no guarantee. I told him she would be at a club on Saturday and what time the event sta...




I always fantasize my gf to suck other guys but I always overprotective my gf even she can’t wear any sexy clothes



I cam on a well-known site a few times a week without my wife knowing. I enjoy showing off and giving private shows to other men on cam. They like to see me dress in her panties and stroke my cock unt...


Moving in fantasy

My biggest fantasy is for my wife to have a steady boyfriend and her moving with him for some time, maybe a month or two, while she sends me pictures and videos of all the things they do.




I was checking my gf phone and found that she have been chat with a lot of man before me and even meet a lot of man and now i started to think that she’s bitchy and begin to share her pic


Finally a cuck

My wife has been talking to guys online because of how much I have been working. Last night I was at work due to a no call no show and the house has to keep in ratio and she invited a guy over. When i...


I suck


I am really only interested in cock. Not a cuck..just a bi curious perv. Forgive me father.. I suck your dick if you let me in into heaven even if i sin.. if i go to hell at least the sex wll be inter...


me and my wife

I confess I am a slut with my wife, we share the same man now that I am mostly all female


Penis shrinking

I think my penis has shrunk after i have had strong urges for my wife to fuck other men. I think its because my body realises my wife needs a bulls cock not mine!