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Bad friend

My hot gf fucks my boss all the time i never agreed to it and she wont stop am i a pussy for doing nothing apart from wanking over her cym filled knickers?


Girls panties

Whenever i have a lads nite at mine i always leave my girls dirty panties on the bathroom floor and take a pic of them ti check if they have moved... they always move



I just found my wife's big tits posted and exposed on a bunch of different porn sites


My best friend

A few years ago I had a crush on a girl and told my best friend a week later I found out he was fucking her because two other friends where talking about it and saying he was passing nudes around to t...


building work

we are having building work done at home and love knowing some/all have seen pics of her and looked at her panties. I leave pics of her in our chest of drawer slightly open, and in a way where i kno...


The reputation of my girlfriend


Since i'm on this chat i love to talk about my girlfriend, some RP or details. But i was a bit shy ! Since 1 week now i didn't own her anymore ! So i can't control anything. Her new online owner have ...


Addicted to exposing my ebony

A guy

I recently have become addicted to posting my wifes big ass in chat rooms everyday to get her ass pics cocked by bwc's.


Judge me a bit


I realize this is a cuckold site and what a cuckold is etc... But sometimes it is favorable to hear things from others and get their opinions. Been married to my wife for 29 years this month. We have...




im 18 freaking years old, I shouldn't be having these thoughts, it was just one porn video, nowni can't stop thinking and jerking to it. Even imagining my own gf in my mind. I'm asking is this normal ...




My wife so wants to be tied up and restrained. She even purchased all the restraints already! I just can't. Lose my erection every time BOTH of us need a male to help that can stay hard.


Neice Ruined

My brother's daughter stayed with us a few days while he and his wife went away for the weekend, she is no longer a virgin or tight.


In real


My Wife is cheating with a friend of mine , after few months i came to know & started tracking them & pulled into cucklife . I used to wait till they fuck & then used to have sex & clean up. She dont ...


Girlfriend found this profile

I have been showing off her pics on chat for awhile and men love her. I haven't logged on in since february. She happened to use my computer and typed a C into the search bar and it auto populated a...


Abuse of Chinese Tits

I made a comment of a confession, and realised I should probably confess. I was married to a sexy but frigid Chinese cow with big udders. I ended up doping her and abusing her body. My favorite was to...


Refuses to have sex full stop


Ive been coming up with a plan recently to have to introduce my wife to cuckolding but after my first suggestion to her she tells me she has zero desire for sex anymore,we have had sex twice in 4 mont...