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live in bull here

I moved into a cuck-couples house and live here for 2 months now. I kinda like it to have his wife always ready for me and him as a little slave and servant. I wonder if I could get even more out of i...


fun for all his friends


My gfs lover told two friends of his about my cuckold relatonship. They come every weekend to our house and having fun with my gf. Afterwards I serve all of them with dinner, foot worships and more......


proud cuck to a slutwife

My wife has fucked a few buddies of mine and I’ve even watched her fuck two of them in a threesome before we hit married but she has no idea I saw it or that I was over my buddies house that night. ...


Pure Cuck

I want to have my coworkers, friends and old men that I know to hit me up whenever they want pussy so I can prepare my wife for them.... I dont want to be selfish and keep her pussy to myself....




My bull texted me to come over last night and I agreed. He then responded: show up naked. My husband and I live in a subdivision on the out skirts of town and my bull lives along the same 2 lane road ...


my mistake

I have an addiction on interracial porn and Oedipus complex and I came across a BBC bull in an online chat . We kept in touch for a couple of months. At that time I wasn't dating or anything he asked ...



I have just arranged a bull for my wife, pretending its for a 3some but i am just going to watch her get fucked by the massive cock I have sourced

Cucks wanted


Wanted sub cucks to join my kik group, join to share pics of your wifes gfs or even sisters. The group will be regularly updated with cuckold memes and pics for you to enjoy, and also pics of the ot...


Listen On The Phone

My wife sleeps around and would call me on her phone. I listen to her getting pounded and hear her say how big they are. I jack off listening to her cum.


cuckolding husband


I have been cheating my husband for last 7 years... I had a sugar daddy before we got married and I tried to leave this all behind when I married him. But 2 years later, my old friend introduced me to...


Fooled me

My very creative ex gf pretended to have had a guy come over during the night as I had suggested and teased her about for many months. When I came home from work there was a guys shoes, empty beer bot...


wife fucked 12 guys

i jerked off after i found out how many guys my thai wife let fuck her when we split up for 8 weeks. i got so hard thinking about her sucking off guys she met on dating site



Went to a club in Co, left with 4 black men. They gangbanged my gf and I licked her clean after. Dream come true


Sex club

Wife and I recently went to a sex club in atl for the first time and watching her be the whore of the night in there was amazing. She must have slept with at least 10 people that night not including m...


inappropriate jerking


Jerk over ex's new boyfriend. Just the fact that he's better looking and has her now turns me on so much. Can't stop.